Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cam-Fu and Friends - Episode 2

Episode 2, 12/3/2014, running time: 16 mins.

How to watch Cam-Fu and Friends:

You can watch it as a playlst in the above embedded YouTube player, or directly on YouTube itself. Both ways will automatically cycle through to the next clip. Please be sure to view it in HD, and feel free to subscribe to our channel to be the first to see new content and behind-the-scenes material.

This episode include:

Asian Snack Taste Test
Musical Guest: Shelbie Neal
Friends Play Outlast

A little FAQ:
  • "What's this now?" We wanted to do another video podcast. One thing led to another and instead of doing a show mostly based in a studio, we decided to just pre-tape a bunch of fun material and release it as a YouTube playlist to represent each episode.
  • "How many episodes will there be?" We are planning on just releasing two episodes; this one, and another coming soon. They will comprise of 7-8 videos total. Not sure as we're not done yet. Afterwards, we will likely start up the audio podcasts again since we've been hearing how much people miss them.
  • "Can I participate in the next one?" We are always looking for new folks to have on the show. You are always welcome to reach out to us.
  • "Are you making any type of profit from making this show?" No. We do not enable the monetizing capability on YouTube, nor do we accept payments from people or companies to feature certain topics on the show. Guests and crew on Cam-Fu and Friends are not paid to work on this show and are solely here on their own time and dime. We greatly appreciate their sacrifice!
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