Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cam-Fu and Friends C-Sides - Episode 7.5

Episode 7.5, 5/8/2012. Guest hosts: Andrew, Joel K., Joel M., Jason, Shannon, and Randy. C-Sides include cut material and behind-the-audio features that didn't make it into the last episode of Cam-Fu and Friends. Running time: 30 mins.


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This episode's topics include:

00:14 - Episode 7.1 C-Sides with Andrew, Joel K., and Joel M.
00:15 - Behind the Audio - Warming Up
02:21 - Behind the Audio - Intro Flubs
03:13 - Letterpressing
03:58 - Behind the Audio - Sound Check with Joel M.
04:55 - Behind the Audio - Bye-bye Joel M.

05:46 - Episode 7.2 C-Sides with Andrew, Jason, and Shannon
05:47 - Behind the Audio - TV Bumper
06:18 - Modern Family
07:12 - Portlandia
08:31 - Laugh Tracks
10:13 - Madeleine Stowe
11:07 - Batman & Robin
11:57 - Shows We Wanted to Watch
15:47 - Shannon's Tumblr

16:26 - Episode 7.3 C-Sides with Andrew and Randy
16:27 - Behind the Audio - Mic Check
18:29 - Behind the Audio - Intro Blooper
18:57 - Behind the Audio - Andrew's #5
20:10 - Record Labels
22:41 - Behind the Audio - Randy Burps
22:53 - Videos to Music
26:10 - Linkin Park
28:10 - KISS Army

One item to note:
  • Thanks to Ryan for helping with a lot of the mixing and leveling of the show.

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