Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cam-Fu and Friends - Episode 1

Episode 1 - "Ramen!", 1/23/2014, running time: 24 mins.

Hans Lienesch (a.k.a. The Ramen Rater)
Don Schockow from DVD Weekly Podcast

How to watch Cam-Fu and Friends:

You can watch it in the above embedded YouTube player, or directly on YouTube itself. Please be sure to view it in 720p HD.

This episode's topics include:

01:29 - Movie posters
03:47 - Backwards movies
05:32 - Viral videos
07:45 - Interview with The Ramen Rater
15:43 - 2014 Disney movies preview
19:27 - Intern video

A little FAQ:
  • "Oh, you're back?" Yep, sorry we took so much time off. We were busy with... life? I don't know. Making the show is a lot of work and a huge time commitment, but we were able to make it happen. 
  • "Are you going to do more, or will we have to wait another year?" Passive-aggressive much? We're planning on doing at least a few more episodes and then seeing where it goes from there.
  • "Wait... how is this 'Episode 1'? Didn't you do one before?" That was more of a pilot episode to give us a feel of what the show could look like. Based off of Episode 0, we wanted to change the show up a little bit and give it a more dynamic view rather than just a few people sitting around a desk talking to each other.
  • "Is the audio podcast going to come back?" We'll see how these video episodes go first. There are currently no plans to revive the audio show, but you never know.
  • "Where are Andrew, Sarah, and Brad?" Andrew has chosen to step back from co-hosting at the moment. He may or may not appear in later episodes. I'm hoping that Sarah will still be involved, but not likely in entire shows, but rather certain segments. Brad is now our technical director, so he'll be spending more time behind the camera.
  • "Are you making any type of profit from making this show?" No. We do not enable the monetizing capability on YouTube, nor do we accept payments from people or companies to feature certain topics on the show. Guests and crew on Cam-Fu and Friends are not paid to work on this show and are solely here on their own time and dime. We greatly appreciate their sacrifice. 
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