Friday, April 25, 2014

Cam-Fu and Friends: Episode 8 - Let's Try This Again

Episode 8 - "Let's Try This Again", 4/25/14. Hosts: Cam-Fu and Kristyona. Running time: 44 mins. and Friends Episode 8 - Let'sTryThisAgain.mp3

How to listen to Cam-Fu and Friends:

You can right-click the above .mp3 link and download it. Then, play it from your favorite media player (e.g. Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, Zune, VLC Player, etc.).

We are on iTunes. Simply search for "Cam-Fu and Friends" and our show should pop up. Subscribe there to get our latest episodes automatically.

Another way to get our latest episodes is by using this RSS feed here: You can copy/paste that URL into your preferred application or click on it and choose your favorite option.

And finally, if you don't have a mobile audio device to listen to the show on, you can stream it right here below.

A couple items to note:
  • Yes, back to an audio podcast for now. You can hear the excuses reasons why on the show. We're hoping to do one of these every week or so.
  • Big thanks to Jason for helping with the setup, mixing, and leveling of the audio on the show.

Please feel free to leave comments. Tell us what we can do better and what we're already doing right. We're counting on the listeners to help shape this show to something we can all enjoy. 'Like' our Facebook page here and/or follow us on Twitter here for behind-the-scenes information on when new episodes will be available and other news. Thanks for listening!


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