Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cam-Fu and Friends Video Podcast - Episode 0

Vodcast Episode 0 - "It's a Vodcast", 12/27/2012. Guest hosts: Andrew, Sarah, and Brad. Topics: Favorites from 2012, most anticipated for 2013, and zombies. Running time: 30 mins.

How to watch Cam-Fu and Friends:

You can watch it in the above embedded YouTube player, or directly on YouTube itself. Please be sure to view it in 720p HD.

This episode's topics include:

01:27 - Favorites of 2012
01:40 - Sarah
04:14 - Andrew
07:01 - Brad
10:45 - Cam-Fu
11:31 - Friends

12:46 - Most Anticipated for 2013
12:55 - Sarah
14:29 - Andrew
15:48 - Brad
19:16 - Cam-Fu
22:49 - Friends

23:53 - Zombies

A couple items to note:
  • A video podcast!? That's right. It was offered to me and I accepted. There's a longer story behind how this came about, but it's equally not entertaining, so I won't bother. The question is, will we do more? It is very likely, though it will likely be a bit different as this is just a pilot to see what is possible.
  • There is minimal post-editing in the show. We recorded this live in one big 30 minute chunk.
  • Guests and crew on Cam-Fu and Friends are not paid by the host or any other company to talk about or feature their topics. Cam-Fu and Friends is a non-profit video podcast. No advertising or money was used for this show.
  • Special thanks to Crispin who assisted as a last minute Engineer. We did not have time to add him to the end credits.
  • Thanks to Kristyona, David, Don, Jarrod, Craig, Tamarra, Siobahn, Dano, Taryn, Lori, Rich, Annie, Virgil, Lisa, and Josh for appearing in the 2012 and 2013 compilation videos.
  • Read my written reviews for the movies we discussed in this episode: Cabin in the Woods, Paperman, Star Trek.

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